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'In the galleries: Ladies First' at Gallery Neptune and Brown. — Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, Jul. 15
'Flattening the Form' at Robert Brown Gallery. — Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, Sep. 27
'Objects of Desire' at Neptune Fine Art. — Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, Oct. 27 'A look at what WPA auction has in store' — Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, Mar. 15
'Signals' shows there's plenty going on in the Washington art scene — Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, Nov. 9 Tazuko Ichikawa - Featured WSG Member — interview by Rima Schulkind, Washington Sculptors Group publication, Fall Issue
Adkins Arboretum presents its biennial "Outdoor Sculpture Invitational" — Chris Polk, The Star
Natural's Not In It - Tazuko Ichikawa, Recent Sculpture — Mark Jenkins, Washington City Paper, March
Tazuko Ichikawa — Sarah Tanguy, Sculpture Magazine, January Tazuko Ichikawa — Sarah Tanguy, New Art Examiner, January
Catalog Introduction - Tazuko Ichikawa — J.W. Mahoney, Sasakawa Peace Foundation Gallery, Washington, DC Must See: Tazuko Ichikawa — Lenore Miller, Koan Critics Round-Table, October
Opposites attract 7 artists to shed "Far Light" on world — John Dorsey, The Baltimore Sun, February 19 Images of Japan will fill 2 galleries this fall — Dean Smith, The Charlotte Observer, August 28 3 at Hodges Taylor — Tom Patterson, The Charlotte Observer, September 18
"Continuum" at Japan Center — Lee Fleming, The Washington Post, July 17 East Meets West Meets Art — Hank Burchard, The Washington Post, July 2 The Thief, the Poet, and the Dreamer — Linda Thern-Smith, New Art Examiner, March
A Winning Round: At Anton, Ichikawa's Circular Sculptures — Mary McCoy, The Washington Post, April 25 Zen Woodworks at Anton — Terrence Campbell, The Georgetowner, May 8
Other Drummers, Other Visions — J.W. Mahoney, New Art Examiner, January Report from Washington, DC Dreaming — J.W. Mahoney, Art in America, February
Shows prove good exhibits are a matter of choice — John Dorsey, The Baltimore Sun, April 27 Ichikawa and Frank at Anton — Michael Welzenbach, The Washington Post, June 9 International Sculpture '90: Community Exhibitions — Mary McCoy, New Art Examiner, October The Washington Object - Tazuko Ichikawa — J.W. Mahoney, Sculpture Magazine, May-June
Letter from Washington, DC — Christopher French, The Journal of Art, November
Washington, DC Critics' Poll — J.W. Mahoney, New Art Examiner, November Tazuko Ichikawa at Anton — J.W. Mahoney, Art in America, June Is There Hope for Art in Washington? — Dan Cameron, New Art Examiner, March Tazuko Ichikawa at Anton — Benjamin Forgey, The Washington Post, March 19 Tazuko Ichikawa: Wall Sculpture — Mary McCoy, The Washington Review, June/July Tazuko Ichikawa — Alice Thorson, The Washington Times, March 24 Around Town - Tazuko Ichikawa — Florence Gilbard, Museum and Arts Magazine, March/April Art in the Baltimore-Washington Area — Lenore Miller, Art News Magazine, March
Abstractions Intense—and Ambiguous — Benjamin Forgey, The Washington Post, October 2 Messages in the Medium — Pamela Kessler, The Washington Post, July 25
Bending Steel and Distinctions — Benjamin Forgey, The Washington Post, October 2 Sculpting Urban Effect — Jo Anne Lewis, The Washington Post, July 5 Summer Stock — Lee Fleming, Washington City Paper, July 11 Quiet — Mary McCoy, New Art Examiner, April
The Shapes of Architectural Space — Elizabeth Hess, The Washington Post, November 15 Tazuko Ichikawa — Lila Snow, Washington Review, February/March
Tazuko Ichikawa — Nikki Coleman, New Art Examiner, December